The dry oils, based on natural coconut ester, whose molecular weight mimics that of our skin and enhanced with moisturizing agents and UV sunscreens, nourish and protect hair and skin from harmful sunlight while also perfuming them! They are suitable for daily use and ideally after sun exposure, offering deep nourishment and hydration. They prevent dry skin and are an ideal solution for pregnant women or in cases of weight fluctuations, preventing stretch marks. They make the skin velvety and give elasticity without leaving a trace of oiliness.

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Antioxidant Thyme Beeswax Ointment 50 ml


It is recommended for muscular and rheumatic pains, bruises, and arthritis.

Antioxidant Thyme Beeswax Ointment 50ml


“Escape” from muscular and rheumatic pains, bruises, and arthritis with the Antioxidant Thyme Beeswax Ointment!

Aphrodite’s Bloom – Natural Antibacterial Deodorant 55 ml


Ladies, meet our "Natural Deo Roll-On" - the secret to staying fresh and odor-free all day..

Body lotion 300ml & Face cream 50ml with snail secretions – Chochlios – Bundle – Qure

24-hour face cream (50ml) with: Snail secretions Hyaluronic Acid Panthenol Glycerin and Shea butter Ingredients that promote hydration, reconstruction, and

Body lotion with snail secretions 300ml – Chochlios

Regeneration Snail Secretions Body Lotion 300ml
  • With snail secretions, hyaluronic acid, and aloe, ingredients that deeply moisturize, restructure and regenerate the skin.

Emollient Calendula Beeswax Ointment 50 ml


Experience the ultimate indulgence with the Emollient Calendula Beeswax Ointment!

Emollient Calendula Beeswax Ointment 50ml


Say goodbye to dry, cracked, irritated skin and welcome a new confidence level.