Qure Homme IQ 180 Cryo Slimming Gel 150ml & get For Free an ID Italian Precision Bullet Professional Hair Clipper (Bundle)


Cold-slimming gel specially designed for men and as a gift Trimmer trimmer for ultimate precision, ultimate control, perfect gradients and a flawless finish.

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1. Qure Homme IQ 180 Cryo Slimming Gel 150ml

Qure has created the first cold-slimming gel specifically designed for men. Its advanced composition with menthol crystals, caffeine, and organic silicon promotes natural fat dissolution by 22% and improves micro-circulation by 64% resulting in a reduction of the circumference in the abdomen by 3.5 to 5.5 cm.
For best results, use it daily in the area you are interested in for 7 to 10 weeks.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the slimming gel every morning on the waist area with a light massage. Avoid contact with eyes, do not apply on irritated skin.

Our suggestion:
Use it after exercise and optionally the night before bed or in the morning and optionally the night before bed.

2.Trimmer for absolute precision, absolute control, perfect gradients and perfect finish.

Due to its small body, round metal, and non-slip handle this trimming device has become necessary for easy holding and use. Ideal for hair and beard, in places that need more precision. Its engine is made of high-quality PD alloy at 6000 rpm. Its consumption and noise are reduced by half. Steel blades and 4 combs for total accuracy 1/2/3/4 mm. With led indicator light of multiple indications.

It is wireless but can be used during charging (connection via USB port). With overheating protection technology.

Includes a handy maintenance and cleaning kit.

Rated Power: 5W


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