Daily Hair & Body Soap 500ml & MrQ Salt Spray 200ml by Qure


Daily shampoo for hair and body and hair styling spray for a thoroughly irreverent “look” while giving body and shape without weighing hair down.

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is a daily shampoo that cleanses and strengthens the hair and treats the scalp while gently cleansing and moisturizing the body.

  • Moisturizing & refreshing, enriched with Bamboo oil, Menthol, and White Clay, ideal for daily use for all hair and skin types.
  • Helps promote the health of the scalp and deeply cleanses the hair.
  • Menthol gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation that makes every moment enjoyable.
  • The rejuvenating effect on hair and body is immediate.
  • With emollient and antibacterial properties, it is ideal for mild exfoliation, even on sensitive or irritated skin.
  • It does not remove moisture and natural oils, so it can be used on dry skin.
  • The gentle exfoliation of white clay is ideal for removing dead cells and sebum from the skin’s pores.
  • Its antioxidant properties prevent aging and retain heat, creating hyperemia in the skin and stimulating blood circulation.
  • Ideal for cleaning hair aſter using styling products.


Apply a small amount to wet hair and the body and gently massage. Leave for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water.

2. MrQ Salt Spray 200ml

Improves the natural movement and texture of wavy hair.

  • Creates thoroughly sloppy looks.

  • Vegan product without ingredients of animal origin.


  1. Apply to towel-dry hair.
  2. Style wavy hair or curls as desired.
  3. Dry naturally or with a hair dryer at low intensity.
  4. For a casual style, turn the hair upside down and work it with your hands, aſter drying it.

Tip: Apply to dry hair for a quick refresh of your curls and for wavy hair


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