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Qure Let Loose Qure Let Loose Let Loose hair brush has a superior design than the traditional assembled brush, features n integrated bristle technology resulting in zero bristle loss due to usage. The intelligent patented pins formation are strong but flexible to bend and glide through the hair strands without locking into tangles. With flexible and rounded pins that massage the skin and prevent hair loss by increasing blood circulation. Available in black and pink color.

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“Patented Bristle
The ordinary hair brush bristles have sharp and pointed pin. This makes it hard to reach the small pores of the scalp leading to a lack of natural oil promoting good hair growth. Two lengths of nylon bristles, each nylon bristle is specially tufted in two different lengths bring the most impressive detangling effect in second. Bristle is attached to the body, enhancing bristle stability & durability. The ergonomic non-slip handle, makes maneuvering of both wet or dry hand & non stick dust or hair on the handle. “


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